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my dying words better be “im going ghost”

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Tried to do… something? Too lazy to work on details


Tried to do… something? Too lazy to work on details

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averymadtaurine said: I'm just curious,cuz I don't know all that much about John green. but what did he do wrong?


Most people don’t know anything about what is wrong with John Green, because tumblr idolizes him, so it’s alright not to know. We’re going to rock down to education avenue so you can get learned. Buckle up, kids, because we’re going on a magical adventure called “I have a lot to say about John Green.” 

  • John Green referred to female nerds as “resources.” You know, instead of just people with interests. They’re some rare breed of creature that we must value. Ew. He also “apologized” for this. I put quotes around apologized because he said sorry, but then made it pretty clear that he felt he shouldn’t have to be sorry because it was a joke. 
  • He has a tendency to shame thin women for their thinness and makes out plastic surgery to be an inherently bad thing. As if there aren’t women who get plastic surgery because they want to look how they want and not because of the pressures of society. So he criticizes things in the wrong ways. He can be against people being pressured to look differently, but he shouldn’t be such a prick about people who change their appearance to make themselves happy. 
  • He made up the holiday “Hanko de Mayo,” succeeding in appropriating the holiday of Cinco de Mayo, and then refused to apologize when called out for it. 
  • He used the slur “tr**ny,” while defending the casually cissexist and deeply Islamophobic Laci Green. 
  • Calls himself fat constantly even though he isn’t, which is an issue very similar to Jennifer Lawerence’s repeated attribution of the term to herself. They aren’t fat. They don’t know what it is like to be fat. If they see themselves as fat, how fat must they think actually, legitimately fat people are? Not to mention his encouragement of humiliating fat people into weight loss. He encourages the concept of insulting people for their weight as a method of encouraging them to drop the pounds. 
  • He slut-shames fairly frequently and discourages the dating around and having sex with a lot of guys thing, as if that’s something he should be the authority on. 
  • He encourages the “the teenage years are the best of your life concept.” When asked if he would every write a novel about a young adult, he said he’s never writing about adults, because they are boring, and that the teenage years are the best, and everything only goes downhill from there. As an adult author who’s primary fan base is teenagers, many of whom are depressed, have bad family lives, fear for their futures, or are even possibly suicidal, he needs to not be doing that. He needs to be encouraging the concept of things getting better as you age and reminding people that they won’t always be where they are right now. If I, as a severely depressed teenager, was told by a man I idolized that things would only go downhill from here, I would be wrecked. Way to go, John Green. 
  • He only writes stories about white girls and encourages the valuing of low-self esteem “pretty but she doesn’t know it girls.” He’s writing the same white boy meets white girl stories over and over again and acts as if he’s some progressive writer when he’s not doing anything tremendously different. 
  • His “nerd culture” is just an aggressive reversal on “regular culture” in that he encourages nerds to shame people for their interests. “Lmao what stupid jocks, enjoying different things than I enjoy. They like football so they’re stupid and somehow less special and important than me.” 
  • He’s got that whole manic pixie dream girl thing going on where he encourages the concept that some awkward weird out of the ordinary girl is going to come crashing into your boring or depressing life and somehow making better, which just leaves people waiting for the manic pixies as things crash down around them instead of actually trying to make things better for themselves. 
  • He romanticizes mental illness to a gross extent and tries to portray characters with mental illness without doing any actual research into mental illnesses, giving us stupid caricatures and misrepresentations. Not to mention that he called people with mental illnesses “broken.” 
  • Fuck John Green. 

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this fucked me up so much


this fucked me up so much

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The book:


The movie:


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Fuckin’ Larry.  (x)

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